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Xinlongmen Inn chapter gold inlaid jade

The classic martial arts IP movie "the Golden Jade in the New Dragon Gate Inn" has been shown on Youku film channel. Directed by Huang Yi, the film was performed by he Xinzhu, Li Mingming, Lu Junyan, Gong Yuan and other outstanding young actors.

The film continues the role of "the first boss in the Jianghu" in the classic martial arts movie "xinlongmen inn". It runs a black shop "Longmen inn" on one side of the land and immerses itself in a dream of good wine every day. However, on a stormy night, the Japanese beauty Beitiao night hostess suddenly broke in with her team, and her mysterious purpose was unknown. At the same time, Li Jin, the manager of the East Hall, and a group of ghost attendants followed, and the dark tide surged in the Longmen Inn for a while. Jinxiangyu was involved in the conspiracy between the East factory and the Japanese people. On the surface, it only shows off. In fact, can Jinxiangyu, who is familiar with the world, protect the whole body of Longmen Inn? The audience is required to go to the film to find out.