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The Ninth Widow

  • Director: Huang Jianxun / Liu Guohui
    Starring: ye Xuan as Wang grape; Liu Peiqi as sun Er Da; Li Dongxue as sun Shaoyong; Fang Hui as Li Xiumei; Chi Peng as tienaoniang
    Type: Love / Republic of China / kinship / Legend
    It tells the story of the legendary widow "Wang grape" and the men around him in the face of wars, natural disasters and man-made disasters. Wang grape and sun Huaiqing's father daughter relationship and childhood sweetheart Sun Shao
TV series "the ninth widow", based on the best-selling novel by Yan Geling adaptation. The story happens from the 1920s to the 1940s. It is a story of the legendary widow "Wang Putao" and men from the central China when facing the war, natural disasters and men-made misfortunes reflecting their perseverance of ethnic characterizes. The affection between father Sun Huaiqing and daughter Wang Putao, the love with the lover Sun Shaoyong and the sisterly affection between widow Li Xiumei and TaoMir constituted the life of this legendary widow's joys and sorrows.