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The Story of Chinese Bond

  • Director: Gong Yiqun/Sang Hua/Luo Lan
  • Starring: Huang Xiaoming as Qi Zijun; Content with prince gong; Sun Ning acts the role of Guan Sumei; Qin Lan embellishs Jade; Jiang Xin plays Xi Muyun
  • Type: costume/business war
In the twenty-seventh year of Daoguang of Qing dynasty (1847), a general approached the Ministry of finances to collect silver from the order of king Rui. Unfortunately, the household department had no silver. The silver belonging to king Rui, the minister Huang Yukun and the assistant Fan Qiliang has deposited to the bank of Yichengxin, headquartered in Shanxi, the largest bank in the nation. In an  antique shop in Liulichang area, Qi Zijun, the second son of the owner of Yi Chengxin Bank, does not believe that young Prince Gong would want to buy two jade bowls, considering how much it costs. Princess Yu ling pledged the silver coins with an old but dignified yellow bill with two dragons and a seal of one million silver in the middle. Thus, a tangled history, politics, emotional drama staged.....