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Legend of Dagger Li

  • Director: Yuan Heping / Lu Xiaowei / Li Hantao
    Starring: Jiao Enjun as Li xunhuan; Xiao Qiang as Lin Shiyin; Wu Jing as a Fei; Yu Feihong as Yang Yan; Jia Jingwen as sun Xiaohong
    Type: ancient costume / Martial Arts
    Adapted from the classic novel "merciless sword of amorous swordsman" in Xiaoli Feidao series. During the Ming Dynasty, Li xunhuan (Jiao Enjun), a man of Arts and martial arts, was famous in the Jianghu for his unique skills of throwing knives. He wanted to join his cousin Lin Shiyin (Xiao

It details the adventures of Li Xunhuan and his friend Afei.Xunhuan rises to prominence as a martial artist in the jianghu (martial artists' community) for the expert use of his signature weapon, the Little Li Flying Dagger. He is in love with Lin Shiyin but decides to give up on her to repay his sworn brother Long Xiaoyun's kindness towards him. Long Xiaoyun marries Lin Shiyin eventually. Li Xunhuan feels emotionally hurt and decides to retire from the jianghu.When Li Xunhuan comes out of his reclusive life ten years later, he meets Afei and befriends him. Both of them are drawn into the mysterious Case of the Plum Flower Bandit and Li Xunhuan is wrongly accused of being the bandit. He clears his name eventually. Meanwhile, he is also drawn into the complex feuds between Lin Xian'er, Shangguan Jinhong and Long Xiaoyun. He defeats and kills Shangguan Jinhong. He marries Sun Xiaohong and retires from the jianghu again to lead a new life with her far away from society.