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Take care of your father-in-law

Director: Li Haishu

Starring: Xu Zheng, Xu Shaoxiong, Lin Peng, Li fengxu, Renlong

Type: Comedy

Fan Adan (Xu Zheng), a psychiatrist with no house, no car and no deposit, goes home with his girlfriend (Lin Peng), ready to meet his future father-in-law. Just.

"Getting my father-in-law" is an urban inspirational comedy about a young man named fan Jianqiang who moves his father-in-law in the future with his true feelings and finally returns with a beautiful girl.

Fan Jianqiang, a psychiatrist who has no house, no car and no deposit, is going home with his girlfriend to see his future father-in-law. As soon as we met, fan was shocked to sweat: his father-in-law, Su Bohu, was so rich that he would die! But what's more, I know all his secrets!! Seeing that the prospective son-in-law is a time bomb that will blow himself up at any time, Su Bohu never fails to do anything to drive fan adamant away. How can fan adamant, who has many tricks, be willing to be caught? He saw that he could use his strength to fight back, but it was not easy to deal with his father-in-law!
Therefore, two opponents who know the root and know the bottom, and are quite equal, staged a "Crazy" duel with a lot of laughs.