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For myself, nineteen years old

Director: Huang Zhaoliang

Starring: Lin Bohong, Shi Annie, he Minghan, Wang Qian, yuan qiongdan

Type: youth, love, magic

Yang Yixue, the heroine, got his own relics from Mo Xiaofeng's funeral after 10 years of unrequited love. A "mysterious wooden box" filled with letters was holding these love letters. Yang Yixue's thoughts were flying and her dusty memory was opened. She regretted that she had not lost her lover's arm.


The story tells that Yang Yixue, the heroine of the story, got a piece of clothes from Mo Xiaofeng at his funeral after 10 years of secret love
There are "mysterious wooden boxes" full of letters. Holding these love letters, Yang Yi and Xue have many thoughts and dusty memories
Being opened, she regretted that she had lost her lover.
I didn't expect that "mysterious wooden box" has the function of magic dome. It can't be broken in the past. Yang Yixue can't be 19 years old without breaking it
He passed on a letter from a wild goose, finally recovered his lover and finally got married