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Time:2017-05-05 10:22:00
"New Dragon Gate Inn" hides a big move: BaoJianFeng, Du Junze, calls for remembrance killing

Bao Jianfeng plays Cao Shaoqin and performs reverse Charm

Du Junze plays the role of laugher. Love begets hate

Ji Chen plays King Jing, wise and resourceful

Chen Xiaodong as Xian Wang Wen and Dunhou

Yu Bo as Wang Chao turns into a wealthy businessman

The New Dragon Gate Inn, an idol martial arts drama produced by strong vision media, with you Jianming as the producer, Zhu Shaojie as the director and Jin Jin as the producer, has been shot more than half of the time. In addition to young actors such as Marco, Qiwei and Shen Mengchen, BaoJianFeng, Du Junze, Jichen, Chen Xiaodong and Yu Bo also play together to summon memories and kill.

  Bao Jianfeng, Du Junze and the dark forces go astray for love madness

  Bao Jianfeng, who has shaped many classic roles, has starred in works such as "the most beautiful woman" and "another curtain of dreams", especially the senior high school teacher Gu Yuetao in "the sky of eighteen", who is still the boy God in many people's hearts. In the New Dragon Gate Inn, Cao Shaoqin, the ruthless master of the East Hall factory, was challenged. He not only betrayed the school but also went to the palace to protect the beloved woman. He was a complex character that made people hate and sympathize. From the integrity of the sun to the viciousness and malice, he would present an image that was very different from the past. Du Junze, who has a wonderful performance in the plot of beauties and the imperial concubine, challenges the new role of both the right and the wrong, smiling Fang Fei. He turns into an infatuated elder martial brother and launches a bumpy love road. Qiu Moyan (Shen Mengchen), the younger martial sister who loves Zhou Huai'an (Marco) deeply, has no result. Finally, he and Zhou Huai'an stand on the opposite side, which becomes the biggest obstacle on his way. Xiao Fang has a similar life experience with Cao Shaoqin. Both of them are unable to go the same way because of their love.

  Yu Bo becomes the sea king Chen Xiaodong, Ji Chencheng, Gao Yan, the prince's brother

  Yu Bo, an actor, is familiar to the audience with plays such as Xiao Shilang, young king, water moon and cave. In xinlongmen Inn, he became a rich businessman Wang Chao. He was called the shipping king of Ming Dynasty by relying on a huge navigation fleet. At the same time, he had a very close relationship with Jinxiangyu (Qiwei). Chen Xiaodong, who has developed a lot of film and television songs, has made great achievements after he moved into the mainland. Yu Wenyong, a cool and wise man in the king of Lanling, has won more attention for him. This time, he played the honest and mean emperor's eldest son, Xianwang. He also joked that "this prince is not too fierce", which also complemented his gentle and elegant appearance. And his brother's fourth prince, Jing Wang, was starred by actor Jichen. In the novel strange tales of new Liaozhai, he played a brave and resourceful prince who was full of wisdom. Jichen herself once used the word "the world is the most important" on Weibo to summarize her role characteristics concisely, accurately and appropriately.