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Forum on film and TV drama industry development

Time:2018-10-29 22:02:00

Forum on film and TV drama industry development

      On the morning of October 28, sponsored by Shandong Radio and television station, Shandong Radio and television media group, and hosted by Shandong satellite TV Media Co., Ltd., the "7th Shandong Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair film and television industry development forum" was successfully held in Jinan, Shandong Province. In the forum salon, you Jianming, chairman of Qiangshi media group, elaborated his views on the IP adaptation and remake of the current popular TV series.

      In recent years, the film and TV series adapted from various network novels have emerged in an endless stream, and achieved good ratings. When it comes to the hot word "IP", you Jianming says that IP is actually a copyright and an English noun. "We always pay attention to the original and novel adaptation. The so-called IP is actually a novel and a story. After the creation of film and TV drama is completely free from the shackles of IP, the writers may sink down better and settle down to do the script. ". You Jianming said.

      The golden family, which was shot in 2003, can be called a classic work in the history of novel adaptation. Both the original fans and passers-by, as well as experts, all praised the adapted TV series. As an old producer, you Jianming also decided to remake this classic work. Talking about the remake, you Jianming said that the old version of the drama left a lot of regrets when it was shot. This restart of shooting can make up for these regrets. At the same time, it can also be reprocessed and created on the basis of the original story, striving to bring you a new audio-visual experience.