Since 1993Since Zhongshan Jingwei film and Television Communication Co., Ltd., Guangdong qiangtv film media Co., Ltd. has provided more than 1000 episodes of TV programs to TV stations at all levels in China and overseas, and has produced and distributed "Xiaoli Feidao", "Zhongyong xiaozhuangyuan", "Zhonghua Yinghao", "Peach Blossom Fan legend", "Feidao love", "jinfanshijia", "relatives and babies" in the form of sole investment and joint venture 》"Longpiao", "Legend of the great banner hero", "Legend of Chu Liuxiang", "18 years of enemy camp" and other excellent TV plays. In particular, the company's 40 episode TV series "the golden family" shot in 2002 was popular on CCTV Channel 8, channel 1 and national provincial TV stations in 2003, setting a new high in ratings. 

In 2004, strong vision invited Wang Yuewen, a famous writer, to be a screenwriter, to invest in the production of 44 well-designed works of "longpiao", which was premiered on China Central Television. This is the first TV series purchased by CCTV in the way of "price by point"。 

In 2005, strong vision and other companies invested 25 million yuan to produce 41 sets of the classic dragon martial arts drama "Legend of the great flag hero", and 20 million yuan to produce the "golden age" of the elder sister of the golden family, which will be broadcast on CCTV and the national provincial and municipal TV stations respectively in 2010. 

In 2006, strong vision and other companies invested 32 million yuan to create a 42 episode TV series "Legend of Chu Liuxiang" based on the Dragon martial arts novel "Legend of iron blood".

On December 10, 2007, it was broadcasted in golden time on CCTV Channel 8. And obtained CCTV 2007 TV series ratings ranking third. Qiangshi is in the process of post production of 120 episodes of red classic drama 18 years of enemy camp. At the same time, the repertoires under preparation are: 20 episodes of modern drama "very confused"; 30 episodes of TV drama "Great Qing Dynasty Xiangguo" based on the life story of Emperor Kangxi's teacher Chen Tingjing; 90 episodes of TV drama "the story of suppressing bandits in Wulongshan". There are also many star directors in the company, including Ye Xuan and Du Chun.

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