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Since Zhongshan Jingwei Film and Television Communication Co., Ltd. have been established in 1993, Guangdong CHS Media Co., Ltd. has provided more than 1000 episodes of TV programs to TV stations at all levels and overseas, and has produced and sold in the form of sole proprietorship or joint venture. includin"The King of Flying knife", "The Loyal and Brave Champion, "Heroes of China", "The Peach Blossom Fan Legend", "Flying Knife for Love", "The Story of a Noble Family", "Kissing Baby", "Dragon Bank Note", "The Banner Heroes" , "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang", "Eighteen Years of the Enemy's Camp" and many other excellent TV series. In particular, the company's 40-episode TV series "The Story of a Noble Family", which was filmed in 2002, was broadcasted on China's CCTV Channel 8, Channel 1 and the provincial TV stations in China, setting a new high in ratings.
In 2004, CHS Media invited the famous writer Wang Yuewen to be a screenwriter, and invested in the production of 44 episodes of the "Dragon Bank Note", which was first broadcasted on China Central Television. This is the first TV series that CCTV bought at the point of price.
In 2005, the company cooperated with other companies to invest 25 million yuan to produce 41 episodes of the Gulong classic martial arts drama "The Banner Heroes", and invested 20 million RMB to produce the "Golden Ages" ,the sequel of "The Story of a Noble Family"  , which were shown respectively at CCTV and national provincial and municipal TV channels'eight-channel prime time in 2010 
In 2006, CHS Media and other companies invested 32 million yuan to create a 42-episode TV series "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang" based on GuLong's ancient  martial arts novel "Iron Blood Legend". It received honours on CCTV-8 for being the third-top rated series of 2007, as well as receiving the third-highest viewership of all television series broadcast in 2007 on CCTV-8, even though it was released in December.
CHS Media has made 120 episodes of the red classic drama "Eight Years of Enemy's Camp". At the same time, the repertoire being prepared includes: 20 episodes of modern romance drama "Very Blurred"; 30 episodes of TV drama "Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty " written according to the life story of Emperor Kangxi's teacher Chen Tingjing and also 90 episodes of the TV series Wulong Mountain". There are many celebrities CEO in CHS Media such as YeXuan and DuChun.

Latest Release
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