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Business cooperation
Company statement

To strengthen the Ministry of media and CommerceBased on the company's platform and industry resources to maximize business value, the media's work content is divided into three parts:

1、 Master the two languages of business and art, integrate the company's TV series and movie content resources, and provide professional marketing services for advertisers and the company's content production department by means of props, scenes, lines and plots.
2、 Based on the content production platform of Qiangshi media, research and develop the derivative product production, brand authorization and sales cooperation suitable for the carrying of film and television content, in line with the market trend, and in line with the e-commerce platform sales.

3、 Expand one person's commercial value, combine the popularity of artists with the commercial elements of various corporate brands, and effectively improve the endorsement of artists' commercial advertisements and business activities of enterprises.

Three business segments:

- Advertising placement and brand authorization cooperation.
- Advertising and commercial activities of star artists。
- Derivative development based on film and television works and brands。