CHS is the core enterprise of film and television entertainment media of DDMC(600136), which is a listed company of film, culture, entertainment and sports. It is mainly engaged in the incubation, investment, production, marketing and distribution of TV dramas, movies, animation, game projects and new media network programs,derivative and other industry chain business, while acting as an agent and actor brokerage business. After more than 20 years of development, CHS has accumulated rich experience in film and television production and resources, and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.
CHS(which's startup company is Zhongshan Jingwei Film and Television) was established in 1993. Over the years, adhering to the tenet of‘focusing on content and creating quality products', it has provided more than 1,500 episodes of TV programs to all levels TV stations and new media networks across the country as well as overseas communication agencies. In 1998,‘Flying kniver of Lee', which was filmed by CHS, created a precedent for the idolization of martial arts dramas, and the works were popular throughout the country;In 2003, the boutique drama‘The Story of a Noble Family' was popular north and south,and there have been attracted thousands of people to watch.After that, every one to two years, CHS has launched phenomena-level and topical film and television works.Among them,such as ‘The Legend of Chu Liuxiang', ‘Story of Chinese Bond', ‘The banner heroes', ‘The camp of enemy eighteen years', ‘I am Your Eyes', ‘The Last Battle', ‘Rose Faith',etc. have reached new heights of drama ratings and the reputation of the audience.In 2015, the grand drama ‘The Last Battle', which was made to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the anti-fascist victory, won the CCTV eight sets of championships for the whole year. And the single episode is to break the channel's recent ratings.On the evening of October 29, 2018, the 14th China-US TV Festival Awards Ceremony came to an end, and‘Rose Faith' won the‘Golden Angel Award'. CHS has established a good brand image in the industry and the audience, and has achieved ‘reciprocity and win-win' with cooperative enterprises, communication platforms, advertisers, project producers, screenwriters, directors and actors.
Jianming You, the founder and chairman of the company, is the vice president of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association, the executive director of the China Radio and Television Association Television Production Committee, and the vice president of the Guangdong Film and Television Program Production Industry Association. He is known as the‘Gold Producer'and‘BoLe in the Performance industry'.After more than 20 years of hard work and baptism of difficulty, the company has become the guarantee of the ‘fine production quality' of TV dramas. It has won the title of the most powerful private TV drama production agency from the National cultural export key enterprises and the SARFT professional assessment agency‘TV winning'and was awarded the A-level license for TV drama production by the competent national authority. In accordance with the national policy orientation and the need to build a platform for the integration of film and television resources, in 2014, CHS achieved a major strategic goal of capital securitization. In 2015, it successfully reorganized its assets with Wuhan Daobo Co., Ltd., and promoted the transformation of Daobo from traditional industries to film and television culture, sports and entertainment. In 2016, Daobo was renamed as DDMC(600136) and became a listed company with the goal of ‘building a global cultural industry integration operation platform'.
CHS is fully integrating innovative teams and rich film and television creation resources, combining the advantages of traditional production with Internet thinking to create a new film and television entertainment media group, which is close to the communication platform, oriented to the audience market, and move in the direction of extension of industrial development.